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For your convenience Storage4you stocks a range of robust, quality packaging options to help you pack right.

Phone or email your order to us and we will have it ready for collection at a time that suits you.

Talk to our friendly staff about what is appropriate for your storage needs. We won’t over sell to you; see our prices below.

Tea chest

The most versatile moving box, its size makes it a great option for storing pillows, blankets, duvets and other household items. This box has a double wall construction making it suitable for stacking long term or for moving house.

Heavy duty

Specifications L 431 x W 406 x H 596mm

Price $6.00

Medium box

This single corrugated box is suitable for storing CDs, DVDs, clothing and other less fragile items for short term storage.

Light duty

Specifications L 440 x W 415 x H 300mm

Price $4.50

Crystal & book boxes

This is the most suitable box for packing your most precious treasures like crystal, glassware, crockery, appliances and electronic goods. The double walled construction makes this ideal for long term storage or for moving house.

Heavy duty

Specifications L 406 x W 298 x H 431mm

Price $3.50

Archive boxes

This strong long lasting archive carton has a unique fold design giving it superior strength. Built in lid means access is easy and no tape is needed. Easy to handle and stacks well.

Heavy duty

Specifications L 390 X W 306 x H 262mm

Price $5

Special offer 10 for $40

Flat pack

This large flat carton is constructed from double wall cardboard and is suitable for fragile items that should be packed horizontally. Also ideal for storing wardrobe items that need to be laid flat.

Heavy duty

Specifications L 950 x W 470 x H 262mm

Price $8

Picture & mirror box

Designed for pictures, paintings, and mirrors but could also be used for plasma or LCD screens.

The telescopic design allows you to adjust height to accommodate varying sizes.


Inner carton L 900 x W 92 x H 780mm (Blue)

Outer carton L 912 x W 910 x H 780mm (Red)

Maximum extended length – 1500mm

Price $12

Large port-a-robe

Comes with a steel rail to hang clothing, this carton can be used for storage or as a temporary wardrobe while renovating. Will take dresses, coats and trousers. Also ideal as a camping wardrobe.

Specifications L 595 x W 479 x H 1106mm

Price $20

Small port-a-robe

A smaller version of the large robe. Will take shirts, jackets and trousers.

Specifications L 590 x W 480 x H 770mm

Price $10

Wine carton

A box specifically designed for storing bottles. The moulded inserts allow for up to 12 bottles of wine to be stored neatly and safely.

Specifications L 490 x W 325 x H 165mm

Price $8

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“I must say the service and friendliness of the staff at Storage4you is second to none. We have found everyone to be very professional and knowledgeable. There has always been someone in the office or on the phone ready to help us. Our storage experience has been great. We are almost sorry that we have sold our house and now have to leave you”

—Allan Scott


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