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Moving House Checklist

Save time and hassles

We suggest you begin by notifying your family, friends and any businesses/organizations you deal with, of your change of address details.

If you are between houses, towns or countries you will next need to find a trusted storage facility and possibly a MAF Transitional Facility and that’s where the team at Storage4you can help you.

Here’s what else we think you should know

To save time and money

The use of Packing accessories such as Cartons, Porta Robes, Paper, Tape, Bubble-wrap and Plastic covers will maintain and protect your goods while in storage. A variety of packing materials are available at our office.


Make a list of all the items stored in the unit and tape a copy to the inside of the door.

Planning your packing

For furniture storage we recommend you pack as high as you possibly can. As a general rule place large, heavy items that you can stack upon at the rear of the space. Then work forwards and upwards with lighter, fragile items. Those items that you may need to access often, place in the front of the space. Depending on the goods you have to store, you may need to allow for walkways. Packing in professional storage cartons will make the storing and unpacking easier and safer.

Fill cartons to capacity; partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse. Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small cartons so they are easy to handle. Books should be packed flat, not on their spines. Packing and labeling cartons room by room makes the unpacking much easier, and if you need to find something in storage you will have some idea of which carton to begin looking in. List contents of boxes, number and seal with tape.


Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be thoroughly DRY and CLEAN before storing. Whilst in storage the door should be secured slightly ajar. A deodorizer placed inside fridges or freezers is also a good idea to retain freshness. Don’t place items inside fridges or freezers as the shelves and linings can be easily marked and damaged. Drain water from washing machine hoses and tape upwards to the back of the machine.


Empty the contents of wardrobes, drawers and cupboards to protect the shelving and structure of these items. Clothing and personal goods should be packed in strong secured storage cartons with some naphthalene or mothballs to protect and maintain their condition. Where possible remove.

Secure, safe and dry storage

At Storage4you we offer more than just secure, safe and dry storage units, you get our friendly team of storage experts. Our team are on-site every day to help you manage all your storage requirements.


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