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Storing and insuring

How much does it cost to insure my goods at Storage4you?

$2 per month per $1000 value, minimum amount of $3000 cover would cost $6.00 per month. Your monthly insurance premium is added to your storage rent and paid monthly in advance.

What is the maximum I can claim?

The maximum you can claim is the amount you have insured your goods for, you will need to provide proof/evidence of what is stored and the value.

What am I insured for if I purchase an insurance policy through Storage4you?

Your insurance covers loss or damage to insured property for the following specified events:

  • Fire, explosion or lightening
  • Storm, flood or water damage caused by broken or burst pipes
  • Impact by motor vehicles or animals or aircraftand other aerial devices
  • Burglary from a securely locked unit
  • Earthquake, tsunami volcanic eruption or hydrothermal activity
  • Damage as a result of moth, insect, vermin or mould damage

Am I covered for theft if I purchase insurance from Storage4you?

No, theft can occur when you share your key and access code with someone else and they access your unit and take some of your stored goods. Or you leave your unit unlocked and an unknown person accesses your unit and removes goods.

Am I covered for burglary if I purchase insurance from Storage4you?

Yes, burglary is when there is damage to your unit in order to gain access.

Do I pay an excess if I make a claim?

Yes, standard excess is $250 subject to conditions noted on policy.

If there is a fire at Storage4you are my goods covered?

No, if you do not have insurance then your goods are not covered. However if you have purchased insurance from Storage4you then you should be covered subject to If insurance has been purchased from your own provider you will need to check with them.

When I take my goods out to my new place will they be insured?

No, your goods are only insured while they are here at Storage4you.

“I have cover with my own insurance company, can I insure with you too”?

No, goods cannot be insured twice.

How do I make a claim?

You will need to contact Storage4you Ltd or Wallace McLean to have a claim form sent out to you. Wallace McLean ph 09 358 1407


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