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How to store rugs

Clean rugs are less likely to be attacked and damaged by moths.

Firstly, vacuum both sides of your rug and then wash, if washing yourself, be sure to first check the manufacturers instructions. If it is a valuable item, I would suggest you have it professionally cleaned.

Ensure the rug is thoroughly dry before rolling like a tube. You should roll from ‘bottom to top’. To determine which end is the bottom, run your hand over the fibres, One way will be ‘with the grain’, the other against. Go ‘with the grain’ to the edge and start rolling from there. Roll as tightly as possible and secure with a length of rope.

Next you are going to wrap it. If you have chemical and ink free paper, using this is advised. Brown craft paper will also be suitable.

Alternatively, you could use a polyester bed sheet as moths prefer natural and not synthetic fibres.

Never wrap in plastic as that can create condensation resulting in mildew which will lead to mould.

Seal the wrapping with plenty of tape so that all seams are well covered. This acts as protection against moisture as well as moths.

Lastly, you will want to store your rug in a unit that is not prone to extreme temperature fluctuations and with good natural ventilation. Store the rug standing up and not lying on the ground. Do not store anything heavy on top of your rug. Heavy items could cause cracks and destroy a rug’s shape.

I have read some articles that advise spraying with an insecticide before rolling, However I would strongly advise not doing this as pesticides are acidic and toxic and will end up harming your rug. As well, these sprays are smelly and the rug will absorb this smell and be hard to get rid of -the same goes for moth balls.


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