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How to prevent moisture in your storage unit

Moisture can be a killer to items that are susceptible to moisture such as photos, clothing, electronics and mattresses and the list goes on…

Excessive dampness can promote the growth of mold, mildew, rot and even insect infestations. Before packing away items in your storage unit make sure everything is dry and damp free.

You can also ensure your unit and stored items will stay dry by using desiccant packs. There are several options available, you could make homemade desiccant packs, there are a variety of natural alternatives such as charcoal or kitty litter.

Or if your time poor as we all seem to be these days you can purchase Silica Gel desiccant packs. By chance we have an array of Silica Gel products to help keep your storage unit dry, we can recommend a product depending on your requirements, ask us for more information.


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